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So I got myself an old second hand PS3 just to play some of the good last gen exclusives. I hooked it up to my Dell U3415W and it works just fine.

The only issue is that when I play PS3 games like Beyond: two souls that are presented in letterboxing 21:9 I end up with the very annoying double boxing aka window boxing.

Adding to my annoyance is that unlike the Samsung, Acer and LG 21:9 dell apparently omitted the scaling mode that would allow me to panscan/zoom crop the image to fit properly.

As far as I can tell the PS3 is totally incapable of outputting anything else besides standard HD 16:9 signals.

So if anyone knows of any work around like an extra scalar box or something then I would be all ears. I was kinda hoping to use that PS3 a bluray player as well bu as it stands it might just not work with this monitor.
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