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[ps3center]Killzone 2 and Resistance Share Similar Problems

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Maybe they will release a patch or something soon to be able to fix the problems they are having.


Resistance is the long standing king of PlayStation 3, but it didn't get there without a few obstacles on its way. When the online portion of Resistance Fall of Man was first released, it was huge and was the first to get PSN going. The bad part was everyone was running into identical problems until Insomniac finally patched things up to make everything better. Listening the the fans, Insomniac fixed the old problems and introduced even better features in Resistance 2. The bad news is that Killzone 2 just jumped into an identical pool of problems and needs to do the same thing. Both are stellar games but Killzone 2 has the same list of problems that Resistance has already gone through before.
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Thank you for the information Fox, I might buy the game later on because I hate to see my $500 PS3 just sit there and only be used for entertainment, when instead I can be using it to push its video quality to the max. I love to play l4d and tf2 on the computer tho so it will be a hard choice to make, but at the moment I am waiting for my fans to come in stock from Newegg. After I buy those and either an controller panel to control the fans or a headset, I will probably then buy killzone 2. Either way I look at it, its not going to be long until I buy the game lol. Thanks man for your input I really appreciate it Rep+ for you.
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