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Still chugging away with Metal Gear Online, Konami ID(s) in hand? Well, good. Because Konami wants you to buy the new MEME Expansion. The second expansion pack for MGO adds two playable special characters: Liquid Ocelot and Mei Ling. Ocelot can manipulate the SOP lock system and can also deactivate the weaponry of others. Mei Ling can "transfix" enemies, and features a Trench Mortar weapon and Soliton Sonar capabilities.

The MEME Expansion also includes three new maps: Silo Sunset, Forest Firefight and Winter Warehouse. Those that don't buy the expansion will see new optional rules, such as the "No Headshot" setting, which disables one-hit KOs from head shots. A new "Interval" mode allows players to practice online with other players, with no effect on their online stats.

The GENE Expansion will be playable next week, on November 25th. However, European gamers will be able to pre-purchase the expansion tomorrow for 7.99 Euro. Update: Americans will be able to get the pack individually for $9.99, or bundled with the MEME Expansion for $14.99.

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