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[PS3Fan]New SOCOM Patch Details - Lots

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SOCOM: Confrontation didn't launch with Trophies; instead, it shipped with a lot of bugs. Slant Six even admits that "the launch was pretty rough on all of us." However, with patch 1.20 already out fixing a majority of the problem issues and a 1.30 patch coming soon, things are turning around.

In fact, the much coveted Trophy support is said to arrive in the upcoming 1.30 patch, among other new features. You can find a list of all the new features and bug fixes for the new update after the break. The crew notes, however, "that some items listed may be delayed to a following update if additional development is required beyond what our schedule for the 1.30 update allows." That means, don't take it as a 100 percent guarantee.

[Thanks Ryan and DeforMAKulizer!]

New Features

* SOCOM Awards and PSN Trophies
* DTS audio support
* Add HUD and scoreboard opacity
* Scoreboard invocation improvements (tap select for persistent scoreboard, hold for temporary)
* Spectator mode HUD turns off after brief interval
* Spectator camera look now respects user invert on/off setting
* Spectator camera pan now consistent with in game camera
* Add dive-to-prone
* Add lean control to d-pad
* Gear items stackable
* Extend post-round period
* Restrict RPGs and grenade launchers in ranked rooms
* Increase prone movement speed
* Adding support for lefty control configuration (analog stick functions swapped)
* Increase frag grenade effectiveness
* Prevent incorrect reload interruptions

Bug Fixes

* Fix animation issue when prone rolling near certain objects.
* Fix remaining issues with statistics gathering and display
* Fix bugs related to equipping of C4 in breach mode
* Fix occasional audio drop outs
* Fix last remaining framerate hitch when other clients late join
* Fix remaining stability issues
* Fix hostages being affected by smoke
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