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[PS3Fan]Pixel Junk Monsters Trophy Patch Live

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As if we don't have enough games to play already right now. The PixelJunk Monsters trophy patch is now live and ready to download. The trophy implementation is a little different to what you've seen in other games. You'll need to complete special Trophy Challenge levels in order to get your grubby mitts on them. The patch also adds new difficulty levels to the game as well as YouTube uploading. All for free and all ready for you to grab right now. If you live in Europe, that is. No doubt the patch will hit the US before the end of the day. We'll keep you updated.

Holy frikken crap

My list of games to play just keeps expanding....

Far Cry 2 (PC)
Bioshock (PS3)
Armored Core 4 Answer (PS3)
Dead Space (PC and PS3)
Little Big Planet (PS3)
WipEout HD (PS3)
Battlefield Bad Company (PS3)
and now this.

I don't think I'll be done in time for Left 4 Dead. OMG!!! >.<
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Cool, good to know.
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