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PS3's 2006 game lineup updated

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Publisher Success adds two more titles to Sony's next-gen roster; unnamed role-playing game and simulation title get 2006 tag.

The PlayStation 3 is supposed to come out this year, but its projected lineup for 2006 is a bit on the thin side. However, third-party publishers are starting to announce their contributions for the year little by little.

The latest issue of Famitsu reveals that Japanese game publisher Success has scheduled to release both of its PS3 games before the end of the calendar year. One is a yet-to-be-named role-playing game, and the other is a simulation game named Hitsuji Mura (Sheep Village). Both games were already announced at 2005's Tokyo Game Show, but their release dates were given the mysterious "To Be Announced" label.

While there are already 71 publishers making 102 games for the PS3, most of the games still carry TBA release dates. With Success' pair added to the list of 2006 hopefuls, there are still only eight titles slated for this year. Koei is the only company that's announced titles for release this spring, when the PS3 may launch in Japan.

The list of PS3 games currently projected for release in 2006 is below:

Fatal Inertia, Koei, spring 2006
Mahjong Taikai, Koei, spring 2006
Ni-Oh, Koei, summer 2006
Shin Ten Makai VI, Idea Factory, summer 2006
Vampire's Rain, AQ Interactive, winter 2006
Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega, 2006
Unnamed RPG, Success, 2006
Hitsuji Mura, Success, 2006

Source: GameSpot
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