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Stuff in bold is what matters to me.

credit to broken spiral for this info.

- Bosses do not stagger, making them painfully boring to fight and encourages long-distance spam.
- Because of above, melee characters are particularly gimped.
- Guard counter with the triangle system has inadequate rewards for what it is. The enemy still has a chance to recover mid-animation and hit the player.
- Unskippable dialogue and scenes. In conjunction with the boss' unstaggerability, it's a strong incentive to keep away and spam lest you die and watch those unskippable scenes again.
- All characters are available in a team. This more stems from how it's like, "Cool, 7 characters at once." but the game only has seven characters who join you anyway so there really isn't any fun party composition tinkering with that large number of in-battle participants like a lot of other Japanese RPGs.
- The scenes are weak, mostly consisting of the party standing about and talking.
- One of said characters is permanently computer-controlled. So the player can only manually control 6 of them.
- No SO tradition party member compromises at all. Like how in SO2 you could only choose Opera + Ernest or Ashton, or how in SO4 you could choose between Faize or Arumat at the expense of the other on the 2nd+ playthrough. (SO4's got flak for the later playthrough thing back around release, too) This is one of the rarer critiques I've seen.
- The above combined with the nonexistent 7-man party member composition tinkering, it got dull for players very quick.
- The story kind of just ends. No climax. No feeling of a final stretch. It just ends almost arbitrarily at what feels more like the midpoint of the story.
- Game's short. People are beating it in <20 hours. In conjunction with the story sort of just ending, this led many to feel that the game just feels incomplete, and leaves others unsatisfied.
- The game's lacking an identity. It doesn't feel like SO5, but rather just ideas mashed together from older SOs. It's basically, "Why play this when I can play an older Star Ocean?"
- The characters are forgettable.

Also the game only takes place on one planet, has 5 towns and reuses a bunch of assets from older games (apparently including the protagonist)which were released on the PS2 and PS3.
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