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PSP Problem and Questions.

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I'v had my psp for 3 years now. The only problems I ran into was me droping it a few times and killing some pixels dead center of the screen (annoying) but they are small...Anyway i encountered a new problem. The whole system freezes randomly, now i kinda estimated it at around 2 hours of playing a game that it will do this, and only on a game will it freeze, not during music and video. I rulled out a memory problem and so im asking if it's possibly just the game im playing (i was playing formula front) or if it is the system then what possible action can i take to fix it. If not then i guess i can just live with it.

Any input would help, Thanks.
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probably not much u can do, a new psp is like $150
I'm going to get an 8 gig card for it, MAYBE freeing up space (my old one is full and only 512 mb) that could possibly do it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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