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PSU Cable Modding

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Hey there,

I've got this OCZ ZS 650w psu currently sitting in my server-to-be but there is a bit too much cable clutter as my server case is pretty small and has bad cable management.

Is it possible to shorten the wires so i can put extensions on them later? Kinda like semi modular. Also is it possible to turn a non modular psu into a modular psu? If so, how?

I know that the simple solution is to just get a modular psu but i feel its kind of a waste as i have a perfectly functioning one right here.
I can learn more about modding and cable sleeving (i didnt mention that earlier did i?).

anyways thanks for your help. its truly appreciated!
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you can cut the cables, recrimp them with the proper pins, then put the pins in the proper place in the connectors. That makes it essentually modular
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