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PSU Fan Making Noise

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Just as the title reads, my PSU fan is not sounding like it normally does. It's getting louder and louder and making some sort of humming. My thoughts are that the bearings are biting the dust. Anyone else have any other ideas? Also, should I replace now seeing as it's still powering my system just fine?
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Save yourself the hassle and replace it BEFORE it goes out.
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Now that the PC's been running for an hour, the noise is gone. I can't afford a new PSU right now, not one that will push my GFX card anyways. I know better than to buy cheap PSU's, been burned before. Luckily, no components died when the PowMax PSU went POP!! Maybe I'll just order the Corsair 620W when I upgrade my MB, RAM, and CPU in a couple months!
Make sure to blow it out.
If you're comfortable doing it, you can replace the fan (if its the only thing causing noise). Just be careful if you decide to open the PSU. (My wife's comp is currently running off a repaired PSU.)
I did think about that, and I don't have the receipt for it. It was bought for me by my former employer that couldn't afford to pay me money, I was paid with PC parts. Even though I registered it for the lifetime warranty, doesn't do me any good cause I have no receipt. I think I may take it apart, clean it out good and see if she quiets down. If she still makes too much noise, I'll just take her out back and shoot her!!j/k I'll consider replacing the fan at that point
Thanks for the help!

Ok, I was actually able to stop the fan by pushing a plastic dart tip through the screen to the bearing housing and slowly stopping the fan, assuring myself that it was indeed the fan! Noise has yet to return, so we'll see!
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