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PSU for E2180

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im setting my friend up with some old stuff of mine and it will be a decent rig.
E2180 at 3.2
Gigabyte DS3L
8800 GT
2gb GSkill PC6400
sata hd and dvd burner
nothing special and i really dont want him to have to spend to much on a power supply when he really wont need it. i guess he will probably update video card later on but other than that this will probably all stay the same. I am wondering what would be the best choice hopefully under $65. i had this rosewill in mine before i upgraded and i also bought one for my buddy and it runs fine after 1.5 years now.
Newegg Rosewill PSU
$55 for a 550w. Rosewill has awesome customer service no matter what the reviews say on there. i have 3 cases from them and lost drive mounts for one that i bought 3 years ago on newegg and they sent me the mounts for free in under a week. thanks for the help i just really dont know much about PSUs since i havent bought one in 2 years.
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If you feel comfortable with a Rosewell, then that's up to you. I'll admit, i've never done too much reading up on them, so I can't tell you that they are junk. I prefer to buy psu's from reputable companies and psu's that are know to perform well.

That rig doesn't need much power at all. I had the exact same set up with different ram, running off an old antec 430w. I never had problems with it and I still continue to use that psu in a different rig with a more powerful gpu.

When I think of an inexpensive psu, I always think of the 400w corsair. Lately it's been going up in price and no longer has the free shipping. Matter of fact, it's not even listed on newegg at the moment.
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As usual I'll recommend Corsair. The Corsair CX400W would be the minimum, I'd spend the extra $15 for the VX450W.
$55 after rebate.
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The 5870 draws 200W at peak load, so a 400W PSU, even a quality one, would be pushing it. Most people on here will probably tell you, "oh lulz u just need somethin cheap get a rosewill". Personally, if I wanted to run a 5870 I'd pick a Corsair VX550W, though you could take one step down in quality and get an OCZ ModXStream or GameXStream 550-600W. If you plan to CrossFire later on then you'll want at least a quality 650W PSU, preferably 750W+.
If he plans on upgrading or ever gets the bug, he'd be better off buying a good psu now and avoid having to spend more money later on.
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