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psu plug/mobo socket mismatch?

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I just got the Corsair 850TX 850w psu to go with an evga 780i FTW. I noticed that the psu's cpu power plug doesn't exactly match up with the motherboard 8-pin cpu socket - the squares and "houses" (if you will) don't match up (i.e. square in mobo socket, "house" on corresponding cpu plug.). I saw the same thing on an Enermax that I had, that went down a few months into things. On the other hand, my Antec Trio 650w cpu plug matches up with this board and my previous 780i (which still works fine).

My understanding of psus is VERY minimal - I listen to you guys and jonny guru and such and make a decision. I guess I haven't been reading the reviews closely enough. I vaguely recall that these things relate to grounds and such. Does anyone know what the deal is - am I using the wrong psu? Is this a new, backwards-compatible psu plug (2.1 or whatever)? Is it safe to use on an evga 780i FTW if the houses and squares don't match up? Thanks for any insight!
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I don't think that is for the mobo. It's for graphics cards that require a 8 pin connector.
thx for reply...no, those are pretty clearly labelled. They're 6-pins that have 2-pin attachments alongside for 8-pin gfx cards (6+2). The plug I'm talking about is an 8-pin that can be snapped in half to make 2 4-pin plugs (for older boards). It's a 4+4, rather than a 6+2.

Basically, one half of the 8-pin is ok - the squares and "houses" match up. The other half is all "houses" (which I thought were grounds or something). Works fine - computer runs - just not sure if it'll run for long.

btw I know this is a pretty sad question.
I'm pretty sure that PSU has the right connections. I would double check. I know it sound dumb but have you tried flipping the cable upside down?
I hear you...flipping it upside down doesn't fix the mismatches, and puts the press-down "unlock" tab under the socket, which the board clearly doesn't want.

I'm pretty sure that I just missed the introductory class where some changes in plugs and compatibility were discussed. I believe - I hope - that this is an up-to-date plug, and the mobo socket is legacy in some sense. Like I say, I saw this before, on a highly touted Enermax (I think it was the Infiniti 720w).
My corsair tx850 came with a 8-pin cpu power. Matched up and plugged in fine. Don't use the PCI-e power ones where it has 6 pin+ 2pin.
Sounds odd, but I have heard something in the lines of this happen before. I would personally just use the 4-pin for now - unless you're going to run your CPU at crazy high voltage or speeds - on which I would probably suggest asking Corsair about it.
Checking the Corsair forums (seems like a good idea), it looks like it is a compatibility feature, and harmless - Corsair wants the plug to work with unconventional mobo sockets if necessary. Apparently, there's nothing (or not much) to fear about a "house" plug going into square sockets (which is my issue) - it's when you're trying to put a square plug into a house socket that you've got problems.
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