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PSU Saved :)

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I reached around the back of my pc yesterdaY to change an audio connection and noticed alot of heat coming from the PSU.
So I take off the side panel and see that the fan isnt even spinning

Anyway I took it all apart(it was still hot to touch)took the fan out removed the rubber stopper from the center sprayed some WD40 into it and jigged the fan around a bit put it back together and now its working fine.
I wonder how many PSUs die unnecassrily because of fans giving up.
Seems to me that these fans should also have a fan fail alarm.
Maybe they do on better models(unlike mine).

Prior to this the cpu temp had risen maybe 1-2C but i didnt really think anything of it,putting it down to ambient temps.
This was obviously due to the proximity of the Heatsink to the psu.
Anyway its something I will look out for in future and maybe others will now aswell.
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Well you PSU is classified as a Generic PSU and there not built all that well usually. However im glad you got it working..However WD40 is flamable lol so be careful.
ill know when my PSU fan stops cuz then i wont hear my comp anymore. lol
stupid crappy Ultra PSU is so loud.
When that happens is usually go and get a good brand PSU. Good brand PSU's are usually built better os you dont usually get this issue.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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