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I reached around the back of my pc yesterdaY to change an audio connection and noticed alot of heat coming from the PSU.
So I take off the side panel and see that the fan isnt even spinning

Anyway I took it all apart(it was still hot to touch)took the fan out removed the rubber stopper from the center sprayed some WD40 into it and jigged the fan around a bit put it back together and now its working fine.
I wonder how many PSUs die unnecassrily because of fans giving up.
Seems to me that these fans should also have a fan fail alarm.
Maybe they do on better models(unlike mine).

Prior to this the cpu temp had risen maybe 1-2C but i didnt really think anything of it,putting it down to ambient temps.
This was obviously due to the proximity of the Heatsink to the psu.
Anyway its something I will look out for in future and maybe others will now aswell.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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