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I have a lot issues with this game in general when using Relive recording software, like no sound or huge delays in sound.
But this issue makes the game unplayable. I have reported several times and used the AMD forum, bur haven't found anything helpful.

When using Relive recording or instant replay PUBG freezes for several second and "Netwok lag detected" is displayed. How often this happens varies, but it normally last for 3-5 seconds and can happen maybe every 3-5 minutes. I believe the issue is caused by the game "not respondning".
Windows task manager are reporting that the game is not responding all the time, even when I am not noticing the spikes. It is changing from responding to not responding and back again.
Turn off Relive instant replay or recording and the game works without a hitch.

I believe the issue is related to a game update 2-3 weeks ago and happened between the 18.3.1 and 18.4.1 driver release.
CPU usage is not that high (50-70% on all cores) and other applications are responding when the game is not.

What I have tried so far:

- Checked that Windows video capture is turned off
- Tried changing destination hard drive
- Both bordeless window and fullscreen tested
- Verified the installation in steam
- Run Relive software as administrator
- Run desktop mode on and off

The game are set to high detail settings
Freesync and chill (62-75fps) is on
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