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Receiver: ???
Speakers: Affordable Accuracy Monitor
Subwoofer: BIC America F12
Stands: SANUS BF31-B1

With the above mentioned hardware, what receiver would be best suited for me? This is going to be a 2.1 setup only, nothing larger ever and be used in conjunction with a computer feeding the audio via USB or USB-C. Ideally I'd like to stay under $400 for the receiver since it doesn't need to have every feature under the sun. Just looking for something with stereo outputs, sub output (but not necessary since the sub has a speaker in/out) and a headphone jack in the front. This will be sitting on my computer desk so something not crazy big would also be a plus. Headphones will be used for mostly gaming or late at night while the speakers will be used during the day for music, movies and gaming. This can be new or used, I just want what will work best within my limits if possible.

Picture of my Setup
I plan on selling my Schitt Wyrd, Magni 3 and Bifrost Multibit and replacing them with a single unit(some receiver). I also plan on selling my Mackie ProFX12 v2 in place of a smaller unit as well. But this is all going to be situated around my computer desk as shown.
This receivere has been mentioned but I'm not sure if it has enough oomph to get the job done without getting overwhelmed: YAMAHA A-U671

This was also another one that I found but wasn't sure if it would work as well: SMSL AD18
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