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PUrchased 3000+ Whinny!

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Hey Guys

i just bought s temporary CPU until i get enough cash to buy my Dual Core Opteron, i picked it up off ebay for $173 AUD INC postage (approx $125 USD) This cpu's codes are as follows:

ADA3000DIK4BI 3000+ 64BIT, 512K D0 STEPPING SOCKET 939

As far as i could find it was a whinny core, which doesn't bother me, coz as i said it is a temporary cpu, i just wanted to buy something for under $180.

Now what i want to know is is this cpu any good for overclocking?

I've bought a Zalman 7700Cu to slap onto it... it should all be arriving with my DFI LanParty SLI-DR Expert this friday.

I'm buying new ram to overclock this with so don't worry about that kind of stuff (my current is just generic DDR400 sig has new stuff)

i know my PSU can cope with overclocking. I bought it so it could
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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