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Hey all,

I finally decided that I'm taking the step toward a custom loop. I have always said no, I'm not doing it, I'm scared... .
But I think I'll manage.
I'll explain what my plans/thoughts are.

Setup (pics in my sig aren't updated)

Corsair 600T with full acrylic panel
Z77 Sabertooth with I5 3570k with h100i
16GB ram
2x Sapphire HD7870
Corsair ax750w
soundcard, ssd, 2 hdd's and fancontroller.

The Plan:

Loop for my CPU with one radiator, next year I'm gonna upgrade my rig with new gpu('s) so those are for next year.

Equipment I had in mind:

* EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ - Nickel
* XSPC RS240 Black
* Laing D5-MCP655
* Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 150
* PrimoChill PrimoFlex Advanced LRT 3/8 ID - 5/8 OD - Crystal Clear
* Bitspower fittings (matte black or black sparkle)
* Mayhems pastel (color?)
* pump top

=> Next year when I add gpu to loop, I'll add a Phobya 200mm xtreme.

I currently have the Corsair SP120 quiet editions, but I might get some noiseblockers (eloop, the white ones)

Is this a good choice?
I'm not sure about the rad, pump, reservoir.
For the rad, keep in mind that I have a Corsair 600T case and I'm restricted, I don't want to do any modding.
I don't know how big I should get the res.

I'll also post some thoughts about the color scheme:

I started out with black/white/blue, now my mobo is black. But I already sleeved my 24pin in dark grey/white/blue. But my room is white/green.
So I was thinking of maybe redoing the blue in my sleeving to green and use Mayhem's pastel green.
Or keep the blue sleeving and go with pastel white coolant.

Edit, the pics:

If something is not clear, just point it out and I'll give you an answer.


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Originally Posted by REPUBLICOFGAMER View Post

So far your loop looks great! , for that case that is the best you can do cause there is not much room,. I would get white fluid are grey (-= , also a mod top would help
with some extra pressure and also looks./


Yep, I'm leaning toward white, don't really want to resleeve my 24pin, my fingers still hurt! and I still have to do my 6/8pins

I added pics to the top post
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