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Q6600 and UD3P

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Q6600 1.275 VID.
Have reached 3.6 @ 1.44Vcore
Bought here off OCN used

Only used for two months
Have not tried pushing it,
All accessories and original packaging still

Thanks in advance,

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I would say $170 shipped for the Q6600. It's still REALLY good for the price.

For the UD3P, $130 shipped is the way to go.

This is all Canadian prices by the way. If you want USD prices, $140-150 for the Q6600 and $100 for the UD3P.
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I would say $160 shipped for the q6600 and $110 shipped for the ep45-ud3p

EDIT: Oh I didn't realize you lived in Canada, well just in case you sell to someone in the U.S. here are the prices anyways.
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In american prices, 150 shipped for the q6600, 100 for the p45
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Thanks all!
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