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Q6600 cpu cooler problem & solution

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hello, i just bought a q6600 and my e5200 heatsink is not enought good. On prime he is running at 100 celsius. I would like to ask you what cpu cooler would be the best for this cpu. thx alot. . q6600=lga 775. thx for answers
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Did you buy an OEM Q6600 or something? It should have come with a 65nm heatsink if it was retail.

I think most of us know a Q6600 fits onto socket 775.

And how much are you willing to pay? There's a pretty massive lineup of coolers per socket, deciding on which one depends on your price range.
Did you even use thermal paste? Even with that cooler it shouldn't be running that hot at stock.

Originally Posted by heathmcabee
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Did you even use thermal paste? Even with that cooler it shouldn't be running that hot at stock.

Please tell us you didn't keep the existing/remaining TIM from the previous installation...
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h50 + artic silver keeps my q6600 overclocked to 3.6 nice and cool at 29c idled
Yes I use thermalpast named shin-ttsumicrosi and i didnt have the original heatsink of the q6600 because i am not the original owner and i use new thermalpast. my range are about 500-100$ tax included
English isn't your thing is it?

Okay, I'm going to assume you meant 50-100 Dollars. Those being Canadian dollars as well.

This will without a doubt get the job done for you. I'm using one on my Q6600.
megahalem. i use it and its great. i decided to go with a silent fan and it still keeps my temps very low.(a push-pull setup will result in even lower temps) also, the h50 is a low cost water solution also
i think im gonna get a xigmatek dark knight on newegg with a rexus panaflo fan in push and the fan that comes with it in pull. does it sound good????
is it okay for my q6600?
that sounds fine, but are you going to overclock the cpu any?

you could also check my CPU cooler out that i use, runs my q6600 at a easy 32-34c no problem with ambient room temp of 18c.

Zalman CNPS-9900LED http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16835118046

Xigmatek was best buy ever for me.

Please note that if i remember correctly...those tests were made with my previous case with 2x 80mm fans-40CFM...

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i willl get a v8 with a haf 932 finally because they are both in special this weekend on newegg.ca thx for help!
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