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Q6600 HSF Question

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CPU is a Q6600 G0 1.325

My question is, is it worth dropping $50 on a 1.325

2nd question if its still worth paying $50 What HSF would you suggest. push pins perferablly I found this one


Let me know your opinions Thank you!
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Originally Posted by hiiyah777 View Post
Just get a TRUE.
I second the use of the TRUE and a good fan if using AC'ing. As far as the vcore goes, like has been said before, it really depends on what you're gonna' do with the chip. I have 2x Q6600's (ATM stock), but the most I OC' them is 3.0 Ghz to 3.2 Ghz on stock vcore because they DC 24/7 most of the time unattended. They're both WC'ed. According to CPUID HWMonitor my vcore on one is 1.28v and the other is 1.17v. and I haven't had any problems so far (a long time)

Depending on how much the quad sets you back, as in if you need a new mobo, RAM, PSU, etc, you're not excessively gonna' OC' it and you're aware you need good cooling (like a true AC'ed HS and a good fan) I'd go ahead and grab it. I imagine Q6600's will get harder to get in the future and IMHO the Q6600 is still a competitive CPU.

DCing for the CURE
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Oops Please ignore the above post
If you want pushpins get the xigmatek you linked, but if the VID is 1.325 don't expect it to go much farther than 3.2
IME Xigmatek S1283 + pushpins = royal PITA. Get something with a bolt-thru mount.
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