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q6600 overclocking problema, went from water back to air

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Well I jumped back from water to air. I'm using a lapped black true with push and pull 75 cfm rosewill fans.

My system booted fine at its 24/7 3.8ghz but bsod when I tried to run any programs.

then decided to go for a 3.6 ghz with 400 fsb and 9 multi. I got the 400 fsb stable and passed OCCT without a hitch. Then I knocked the multi back up to 3.6ghz and booted fine. It will run occt and go all the way through the default test. Then it'll bsod in the last 5 minutes. I tried to reboot and it did without a problem. I decided to test game stability and after a few minutes it'll bsod.

my Q6600 has a 1.2 vid, and at these settings (below) hits 55C and 51C between the 4 cores under full stress.

board settings: ud3p

400 fsb
9x multi
400 fsb strap
2x ram multi running at default speeds

load line calibration enabled.

1.36 fsb term/vtt
1.5 pll
.866 reference

1.34 nb
.901 ref
.900 mch/dram ref
1.5 ich i/o
1.1 ich core

1.8 dram
1.9 dram term

any ideas to help me get a stable 3.6ghz? I ran 3.8 ghz on water without a problem temps are fine at 3.6.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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