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q6600 @ P5Q @ 3.4 inestable at ORTHOS HELP !

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Hello i have an Asus P5Q motherboard with 1004 bios

My q6600 is a 1.3250 VID

My settings

vcore : 1.384 MAX, at windows it is at 1.368, and gaminh 1.378, at stress 1.384 (but i get bsod after 4 min)

NB voltage : 1.22 ( maybe too low ? )
SB voltage : Auto ( IT IS HOT LIKE Shiii*t) lol
my ram is 2x2 kingston cas6 working at 1:1 @ 851 MHZ
FSB Termination Voltage ( or something like that) : is at 1.30 ( maybe too low ? )
FSB : 425
multi: 8
rated FSB: 1700mhz

Im cooling my CPU with Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer, temps idles with this OC at 38 34 32 32, and full for 5 min , 61 56 57 55

Help me lowering this temps or to make it stable as a rock

thanks !!!
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That's a really high VID...you might have a hard time getting any higher than than stable. You need more vcore for sure, but note that will make temps go up even more.
i now its high vid.. but at games with that vcore its perfectly

oh can u please give me some advice about the other settings?
nb voltage, sb voltabe, fsb vtt , etc

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How is it unstable? Like..what does it do? Crash? Freeze? Fail a stress test?

Games are stable because they hardly stress the CPU at all, stress tests are another story. Try more vcore first, that seems awfully low for that high VID.
vista gets lazy to boot up, and at ORTHOS it gives me bsod...
the sb voltage i leave it on auto? what about the other stuff?

thanks a lot dude
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You shouldn't need anymore SB voltage for that OC...maybe a bit more NB voltage, but not much. Is the BSOD 0x000000124? If so I'd say it's because of a lack of vcore.
it says "the system has halted"

my sb is on auto.. MIN is 1.10 , shud i keep it at auto or 1.20 ?

ill try NB voltage 1.24/25/26
Try 1.20 on the SB, just so the auto voltage won't keep changing it.
why B2 ?

its G0 revision, steppin B ( according to CPU-z

im going to try 1.25 nb and 1.20 sb and upper vcore a nodge
right know is at 3.4 ghz and 1.4 vcore at bios ( 1.384 at windows, 1.4 for some gaming and strees test )
and 15 min ORTHOS stress test, it gives this temps : 63 61 58 59
never 64...
right NOW while posting this is at 37 35 32 31

btw with 1.4650 and 400X9 WONT BOOT VISTA
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