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Q6600 UD3P 4GHZ Settings

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What settings are you guys using to get 4GHZ on a Q6600 on the EP45-UD3P. I just got my new board in today, and there are a heck of a lot of settings in there to mess with.

Edit: I guess 4GHz is a bit too much to ask for on account of my higher VID (1.3v). What settings would you guys use for 3.8?
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Not much just a lot a Voltage and something you can not do unless you get a better cooler and you got a heck of a Q6600.
I'll be on water in a few days. I just wanted to see if it would boot at 4 ghz.
I needed at least 1.55v.
Was that a G0? Is it the sig proc?
You'll need a good chip, and the cohones to put it to it w/ the volts. The first part's the hard part. The 65nm quads are tough little bastards, but most of them are going to hit a wall before you see a stable 4.0.
Yep. What settings should I use for 3.6 ghz?
Well i have a ASUS Mb so i don't know but for my CPU for 3.6Ghz i have everything Auto and only changed vcore to 1.36v and NB to 1.2v. For 3.8Ghz i needed a lot more work to get it stable and 1.45v. I did not try 4.0Ghz because temps are just too high.
My stock vcore is 1.3v. I need to find a list of settings for 3.6 ghz at least.

Originally Posted by mth91 View Post
My stock vcore is 1.3v. I need to find a list of settings for 3.6 ghz at least.
You mean your VID is 1.3v? If so you are looking ~ 1.45v for 3.6Ghz,
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Yep. That's what it took on my old board too.
Hurrah, I found some settings in another thread and now it's running at 3.6. I'm going to bump it to 4.0 now
If you haven't looked here already, this is the place you need to be.

I'll be honest, when I saw the size of that thread I gave up.
Now i'm just bumping the vcore to see if I can get it to boot into windows at 4ghz.
I'm going to revive this issue now that my watercooling system is set up. It's looking like i'll have to pump a lot of volts into it to get it stable at 4ghz, but if I could get a copy of your settings, it would help greatly. In order to get it to boot into windows, I had it at 1.7v. The idle temps were about 40C, so not too bad, but when I started the small FFT's test in prime95, the pc shut off. lol. I want something I can run it at 24/7, and I know that 1.6-1.7 is not good, even for a 65nm G0
To get to 4ghz it would require too many volts. It wouldn't be a good idea to run it all the time like that. Just for validation and benchmarking
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Ah. Do you think I could get it to 3.8? I want to feel like I bought a watercooling setup for a reason. lol
Multi - 9
FSB - 423
SB - 1.3
NB - 1.3
Volts - 1.5
Those are the settings I used to get 3.81. It's stable enough for general use, but it fails stress testing, but i'm not on water.
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