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Will use 1.5V or higher 24/7?

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Q6600 VID1.3250 Post overclock, vCore, cpu cooler, idle, and load temperatures

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I want to compile a list (for my reference) of all Q6600 with the highest VID, 1.3250, their overclock, vCore, cpu cooler, idle, and load temperatures. If you are a folder folding on it, please add your temperatures for that. I want to see how high the vCore is for your chip. If you guys can, thanks.

If you want me to post up a spreadsheet or something, I can do that too.

I also forgot, if you can tell me how you are setting up your overclock it'd be nice. FSB X Multiplier.

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I have a 1.312 VID, and I'm at 3.2 @ 1.42 400FSB x 8 multi

I haven't had the time to make anything higher than that fully stable, but I think it'll take me darn near 1.5 to get 3.6 outta this thing.

I currently load at ~54C with Prime95 (4 threads)
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