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Q6700 About to install...

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Hey all,

I got a q6700 rev g0 to replace my trusty ol' [email protected] One question though, the intel processor finder lists the maximum temperature of the q6700 as 62.2C?? I thought it was 71,


I've seen other posts saying it was 71 also...
I have my e6750 close to 63 celcius now and I was hoping to get 3.2 out of the quad too...anyone think this doable?

oh one other thing...I have a thermaltake 600w ps, with 3 optical drives, 3 hdds, and a 9800gtx..anyone think ill need a bigger ps for the quad?
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Really depends on the cpu and voltage needed to get 3.2. Some processors run hotter than others even at the same voltage. Only way to know for sure is to try but keep an eye on temps.
I'm pretty sure its 71. Intel never made a B3 stepping of it. The B3 stepping had a max temp of 62C. Also, a Q6700 is just a higher binned Q6600.

Your PSU is fine for your system.
Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice. Can't wait to put this thing in tomorrow, gotta get that AS5 here first though

Holy crap i just ordered a 2gb so-dimm of Gskill memory for the eeepc off newegg for $18.00. I can't believe how cheap ddr2 is this is nuts.
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I have a Q6700 and have it at 3.3Ghz with just changing the FSB. I am pretty sure that the max temp is 71 or higher. Your power supply should be fine also. I have 5 hard drives, two optical and loads of other things and my recommended power supply was 600.

Originally Posted by macsbeach98
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The q6700 thermal spec is 62.2 degrees
The Q6600 is 71 degrees
Hope that helps

i dont trust that
i bet its just a merketing thing ... just a lie ... because the q6700 is just a q6600 with a multiplier of 10 instead of 9
q6600- 266mhz x 9 = 2400mhz
q6700- 266mhz x 10 = 2660mhz
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Yeah the spec still seems weird...I wonder its only 62.2C. Even the q6600 rev g0 says 71C (the b3 is 62.2) Well, I can make up in the case somehow. I'll just try to keep it about 60-61C.
Ok this is very strange...the q6700 datasheet says 71C. Might have to see what intel says on this one...
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