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q6700 installed and tested!

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Hey guys,
Installed the q6700 in my rig last night (still have to change my sig..) using some AS5 and my Zalman 9700. Everything seems to be looking good so far. I stressed it for about two hours just to see what kind of temps I was going to end up with - Idles around 30-32C, cores 0 and 2 reached 56 at their highest using prime 95+.

I had an e6750 before and the delta between cores under load was about 3-5C. I am seeing a 6-7C difference between the cores on the quad, is this ok?

I can't remember what temp my e6750 was pushing under stock..is 56C ok for a stock quad?

Can't wait to OC this thing, hopefully get it up to 3.2 today
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56c seems normal for a quad. I would prefer getting a xig or true or noctua if you want some serious overclocking.
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I think my next build's going to be based off a TRUE...this one dates back to '06 though and I don't wanna dump too much more money into this ol' socket 775 board.
the core disparity is fine. start clocking that thing !
Tried to get it up to 3.00 GHz last night - no cigar. Highest I could get was 2.8 before it stopped posting. I hear there is a fsb hole on 680i mobos though, especially this one. Im going to try and jump it to 1400 fsb and drop 1 on the multiplier tonight when I get home, hopefully that will skip the hole and give me 1400*9 = ~3150mhz
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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