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q6700 or e8400?

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Hey all,

got a q6700 for free from a guy the other day...rma'ed it to intel and now its brand new
but....should I go with an e8400 instead? my boss is willing to trade me straight across for it. I don't do any video editing or anything just play a lot of games. Suggestions?
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Just keep the new Q6700. More games are going to utilize quad soon. What's vid of the Q6700.
I'd try to get the E8400. Find out if its a G0 and swap him
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My bro has my old Q6700. They are ROCK SOLID. I had mine at 3.8 on air. Faster than snot, too. I'd say keep the 6700
Thanks for the advice. Ill let you guys know the VID as soon as i get it in, unless its on the box somewhere? I didn't see it though... I should be putting it in tonight assuming USPS gets to my house with the heatpaste at sometime resonable..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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