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Q6700 Temperatures

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Hey guys,

I'm concerned my q6700 temps may be a bit too high for stock settings. With my Zalman 9700 and AS5, I am reaching temps of 56C (coretemp) under load w/ prime95. Is this too high to OC?? Should I try to reseat my heatsink? I don't want to go above 60C..my E6750 wasn't getting this hot!

Also - pushed my board (P5N32-E SLI yes I hate this board) up to 1200fsb and it wouldn't post. Anyone got a quad on this board, and if so, what settings are you using for voltages / fsb speed? I know there is a fsb hole, and it sounds like I may have some luck trying to punch it to 1400 and lower the multiplier by one. Going to try this when I get home..
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Yeah they shouldnt be that high at stock. I believe my temps w/ the qx6700 and zalman 9700 were 45ish under load. Try a reseat and take it from there.
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I have a Q6700 @ 3.0ghz/1333FSB/1.3375v with the Xigmatek HDT1283 and loaded the processor reaches 61C. Your temps sound about the same as mine. These processors tend to run on the hot side.
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q6700's are GO stepping. My e6750 was a GO also and it only got to 60C when I had it up at 3.2-3.4 from 2.66GHz stock. I'll try to reseat it tonight, maybe i missed something...
The Zalman 9700 was never designed to cope with quad core processors. I have one on a dual conroe and it is up to the task but it simply is not able to dissipate the heat of a quad once overclocked.

56c btw is not too hot for a quad under load.
thanks robilar! by the way, that p5n32-e thread you started was and is still very handy
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