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Q8200 + DDR II 800 ram timings

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Hi guys,
i am running Q8200 with Kingston DDR2-800mhz
At this moment all settings are auto.
What should be the ramvoltage(vdimm)+timings so that i can maximize the overclocking.
Please Note:Ram does not have heat-sink, northbridge does not have active coling(only heatsink)
Please make comment on overclockability of Q8200, and how dual channel ddr2 ram can help increasing performance.
Waiting for your reply
Thanks in advance.
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For a Q8200 ideally you would want your RAM running at 1333 mhz, but that is a HUGE overclock for your memory. Otherwise you should be just fine with your memory speed, maybe try to get it up about 75 mhz.
But if i increase the fsb the mem speed will increase automaically right, so i need to tweak the vdimm, so would i proceed, as my ram does not have any heat sink.
One more thing, i have one more 1 gb ram (667), and my mobo supports dual channel, so can the spare mem stick increase the performance??
I assume that is valueram with the standard timings of 6-6-6-18 @ 800mhz?

If so, you won't get much more then 400FSB...

Do not use more then 1.9v VDIMM.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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