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Q9300 voltage

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Hello, this is my first OC attempt so don't be hard on me please

I've put my Q9300 at a 380 FSB (=> 2.85 GHz), but i haven't change a bit the CPU voltage. CPU-Z is showing somewhere between 1.24 and 1.26. Is it ok? Should i lock it to a specific value, from BIOS? What if, after setting a higher FSB, the CPU voltage goes above 1.36 (which i saw is the maximum guaranteed for Q9300)?

Is there anything else i should change, in order to get myself a good and stable OC? I just changed the CPU FSB and the RAM timings (originally [email protected] MHz, now i have 5-5-5-15 (set be me) @912 MHz (auto).

Thanks to all, in advance!
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Eventually you will need more voltage for the higher FSB, the computer isn't going to do that for you.
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Hello losttol and thank you for your quick reply.
Befor the OC, everest was showing CPU VID: 1.1125. Now it shows 1.2375.
For CPU Core voltage, before the OC i had 1.12 and now i have 1.26 (1.264 in CPU-Z). Doesn't that mean that the CPU automatically takes that amount of tension in order to work? And if not, how can i know that it needs more voltage? Prime95 testing? And if goes unstable (untill now it didn't), what voltage should i set in BIOS?

Later edit: now i'm on 2.92 GHz, and the voltage in CPU-Z went to ~1.280-1.290. Is it ok or is it too much, from your experience?

Later edit: now, still on 2.92GHz, Prime95 running for about half an hour, CPU-Z indicates a voltage between 1.208-1.216. I don't understand a thing
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Hello. i've put my q9300 at 3.2 GHz but after 8 hours, Prime 95 gave me "rounding was 0.49, les than expected 0.4".
The settings (in BIOS) were:
- CPU Voltage 1.35 V
- FSB 430 MHz
- DRAM 861 MHz
- DRAM voltage 2.1 V

Did i reach the CPU or the Motherboard FSB limits?
I would add 1 more notch of CPU voltage and test. May need a little NB volts also?
Tested up to 1.375V (CPU voltage) and still no success. I'll try bumping the NB voltage... any values recommended?

So i have a stable system at 3.2 GHz, but it gets unstable when growing to 3.22 (from fsb 427 to 430)
I am so confused.
I am actually just trying to have a stable computer without overclocking and have have had some issues and noticed that for some reason cpuid picks up my cpu vcore at around 1.36 even though apparently at default it should be 1.265.

I have manually in the bios tried setting my v core to 1.265 and rebooted and PC Probe II reported that was the v core, however cpu-z still reports that the v core is 1.36.

Is it possible I am doing something wrong since usually people seem to trust cpu-z the most?

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