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Q9400 and Gigabyte P45

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Just upgraded from a 650i and E6600.

Wondering if I could get some overclocking tips with this board as I've heard and read many good things about it.

I'm assuming settings are better changed in the bios itself than using the "GIGABYTE Quick Boost" program, yes?

If so, what are some recommended start up OC I should try?

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which p45 motherboard is it ?
Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
I'm no expert but what I would say to do is run through and manually set everything to stock and go from there. I had the same board and chip and only pushed mine to 3ghz. But I was limited by my cooling as to go to 3-3.2ghz I had to increase the v pretty good and it would shoot the temps up real good under OCCT.

-Stock CPU clock, voltage
-Stock Ram timings, voltage
-Increase the multi all the way 8x
-FSB to 333 to get 2.66ghz

Then start increasing your FSB little by little and stress testing the new clocks. Watch your mem multi to make sure you aren't running your mem too fast when increasing the FSB. If you do the board has the dual bios so it will just restart a few times and then temporarily reset everything to stock until you boot into BIOS and fix your OC

try this CPU Host Clock Control" to "Enabled"
"CPU Host Frequency (Mhz)" to "401"
"PCI Express Frequency (Mhz)" to "100" (not auto...)
"C.I.A.2" to "Disabled"

"Performance Enhance" to "Standard"
"Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.)" to "Disabled"
"(G)MCH Frequency Latch" to "400"
"System Memory Multiplier (SPD)" to "2.66

cpu vcore to 1.32 just to be safe
mch vcore to 1.24
cpu pll stock
cpu vtt stock
memory would be wat your ram is specd at probly 1.8
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