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Q9550 Core stepping

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For now I can't find any E0 Stepping CPU where I live,
only C1, they say they don't know when it will arrive if it will..

the c1 stepping is much harder to oc? is it possible to get c1 @ 4.0Ghz?
I really want to get 4.0, my rig is;
asus rampage formula
mushkin redline 1000mhz 4gb ddr2
vendetta 2,

what should I do
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The C1 steppings will ussually get to 4.0, but the E0 are more likely to hit 4.0 on lower volts and temps. In my opinion, it's worth continuing to wait and look. Since you're in Isreal, I have no clue about online shops sending you stuff, but if there is an online shop email them and ask if you can specifically request that stepping or if they could notify you when they get them in.

Good Luck
on mine .. E0 is about 10 degree cooler than C1 ... idle only 25
IMO its worth the wait to get an E0 stepping. It's sometimes possible to get a C1 to 4.0ghz, but it's much easier with an E0 stepping.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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