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Q9550 system OC help please

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Hi all, I am new at this forum.

I built my system in November and used the bios' jumperfree "ai-overclock" for a while, but I feel that my system should perform better.

I am dissapointed with the 260 as I expected it to be quite a bit faster than my previous geforce 9600 1GB card that ran on a Q6600 with Vista 32.

Any help and directions will be highly appriciated.

My system needs to be as stable as can be since i use it professionaly for 3D modelling/rendering.

Thanks a lot

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so... what exactly do you want help with? "make it faster" is way to vague for us to assist with
Isn't that what OC'ing is all about

I do not know what to ask as I am new to this, I just want to boost my system. Are there any Do's and Don't pages I can read?

Basically I need to know where to start when it comes to the CPU, or is the ai overclocking in the bios good enough for me? Where do I find info on what voltage to use, or what speed I should avoid?

I don't feel that the GPU is working as fast as I would expect (i would expect it to be quite a bit faster than a 9600 which basically is a 8800)

Are there any tricks to make Vista faster with this cpu and will I benefit a lot from a faster HDD?

Thanks for the reply!
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Faster hardrive may or may not net any noticeable increase in speed. i know i use a raid0 for my games and my loads times have been effectively nullified on most games.

i see you have dual 24" monitors, what res do you play on?

overclockign is not something to be taken lightly, as much as everyone says that its simple its a bit more indepth then some of us make it seem. there is a risk of burning your proc out, as well as corrupting you install. im not trying to scare you away i just want to make sure you understand what you are embarking on.

as far as how to do it there are a myriad of guides and how tos on the subject, theres a couple core 2 quad specific ones as well. so im not going to go into the details, but if you have specific question i [and im sure many others] would be more then happy to help.

first thing is grab CPUZ and OCCT both of which can be found via some googling, the first is a info program and will allow you to give us some much needed info when you start overclocking. and OCCT will test the stability of your overclock to make sure its not going to fail or cause any issues later on down the road.
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