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QNIX / Asus / Samsung or Dell

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I want to get a 1440p monitor for my new setup, and I have been looking at the qnix because of it's overclocking ability. I have enough money to get one of the asus/dell 1440p monitors, so what one do you think would be better? I heard the qnix has a cheap stand, and since I already have two 1080p samsung monitors, I'd like to be able to have them all at the same level if you know what I mean, and the asus one has an adjustable hight I think.

What option would be best for gaming (all sorts of different games, bf4, ac4, watch dogs)
Let me know what you think, thanks!
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I know a lot of people will jump on here and say QNIX hands down. It absolutely is a great deal for most, but I think it depends on if you demand absolutely no defects whatsoever, or can live with a few (mainly unnoticeable defects). the qnix or xstar have a very cheap stand w/ no height adjustment, so already you need to mod just to get a good stand. You're more likely to have a pixel or backlight bleed defect. Overall most of us are happy especially for the price to have a QNIX/XStar, but for some it's just not the right monitor.
There are several factors involved here.

Firstly the Qnix is going to be your project monitor. There is going to be color adjusting, lack of a good stand and gamma shift. All of these things can be fixed with the different information provided in the club thread. The overclocking is going to be an entirely different project as well since it requires more adjusting in color and frequency. With that being said it would be the least "piece of mind" choice but offers the best possible bang for your buck(but it can be a lottery like situation buy from a good seller and you could end up returning one before getting a good one just be aware of this.)

On the other hand the polar opposite is the Dell. Dell is going to be the best piece of mind choice but overall can be the lowest bang for you buck. To build on this before a Dell advocate jumps on me, i mean the Dell offers a extreme level of support for their products coupled with a can't beat warranty. They also will likely have a scaler with multiple ports and functionality(which does add input lag).

The Asus is a bit of a median in between but if you are dead set on 1440p i say go safe or go for the best deal possible that being between the Qnix and Dell

I have had the opportunity to compare the two of these and it is really like comparing IPS to PLS. The PLS display just seems to have better black level and dark colors. The IPS or Dell seems to have better brights. Overall PLS is suppose to be better but it is so close it is more about preference. I preferred the Qnix but that is my opinion. I think reading over the pros and cons for both and then relating that your yours needs is the best bet. I will through i vote up for hte Qnix though because having the best of both worlds is just outright awesome. Think of how long it will be before we have 120hz IPS/PLS displays at 1440p at an affordable price? That is what won me over.

Also i don't think that a stand should ever be a factor in monitor shopping unless you are die hard about piece of mind. I say get an after market stand and no longer ever have to have this as a factor because you want panel quality over a stand(at least for me and most i would think)

Hope this helps
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I am uncertain whether I should go for ViewSonic VP2770-LED, Fujitsu P Line P27T-7 LED or Korea Qnix for text and 2d graphical work. I like the idea to bring more content on the screen due the resolution. I also like the idea of low engery use although I guess it would be worse than on my actual 23 inch Ultrasharp Dell.
How bad are these defects that people say you may have to live with?
Originally Posted by Mr gardoki View Post

How bad are these defects that people say you may have to live with?
I have NO side effects what so ever ever doing the following things.

1. Color calibration(and then a second time after overclocking)
2. Backlight bleed fix(involves removing the bezel and adjusting the spacers that hold the panel)
3. Stand replacement(these are vesa compatible other have also just debezeled and added a custom vesa mount spacer)
4. Bought a squaretrade warranty(makes up for the lack of warranty and korean purchase)
5. The build in speakers suck(who uses these on any monitors really? Get a headset or sound system)
6. Adjusted all my monitor timings in CRU to the tightest possible, this fixed all the panel uniformity and a lot of gamma shift at OC speeds
7. Catleap driver, this fixed many games recognizing the overclock refresh speeds
8. Set a short screensaver that sets the screen back to 60hz(or lower) with a black and white background, this fixed ALL color retention at OC speeds(which i don't even see anymore)
9. Some have said the power brick makes a whining noise when the panel is overclocked, i have mine 12 volt bypassed and connecting directly to my PC's PSU via molex

Now number 9 is a bit excessive of a fix and a little whining noise isn't going to kill anyone. Many mainstream monitors do this too so it is not exclusive. Actually many of these things of not exclusive and happen to any monitor. Overall it is a project monitor and does take a little bit of effort to get running just right but the fact is that if you take the time and do these 8-9 little things you will have the most future proof monitor really possible. To break this down you will have 1440p PLS running at 1440p with no scaler(meaning less input lag) All for under 400 bucks and a couple hours in time to setup. Think how long it will be before you can get all that for that price? With the way inflation is going and how much 1440p monitors are priced now(which are all 60hz only) maybe never! Also look at many 4k screens which are looking to be the next big thing rather than a refresh boost with IPS/PLS, they are 3-5 grand+.

I just want to say this monitor has a certain market of people. If you don't(or can't) get a squaretrade warranty this is likely one of the worst piece of mind screens to get. BUT this is completely countered with the huge potential it presents. People who have already experienced this and given feedback can be a good asset for these facts(over in the club thread). Bottom line is if you want a lot of piece of mind DONT buy this monitor it is not for you. But if you want to do a little reading and a little research to have the best bang for your buck and future proof monitor on the block right now this is for you.
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The overclocking is a tempting feature but honestly I would need a big upgrade in gpu just to go over 60 fps anyway. I just know i can't live with dead pixels or back back light bleed which all sounds fixable.
The Fujitsu has matte coating cross-hatching issues and obvious overshoot ghosting issues. The only redeeming feature it offers vs. competitors is the fact that it is white


Read the Dell U2713HM thread, it has matte coating cross-hatching issues, yellow back-light bleed vs. typical white bleed & there are multiple revisions being shipped which have different degrees of the issues previously mentioned. Yes it is cheape (550$) but you have to ask yourself if saving 100-200$ is worth it when you will likely have to spend a ton of time boxing+unboxing, inspecting & exchanging multiple units.


IPS LED Monitors offers a 30 day hassle free return+exchange policy, I'd order a Qnix from them if you decide to. The Viewsonic VP2770 & Eizo EV2763W are the best name brand 1440p monitors.
I am still uncertain.

Do the issues with the Fujitsu (P27T-7 LED) refer to the actual model? I am asking this because I have seen that the Viewsonic got by prad a "good" while the Fujitsu is said to get a "very good" in a test by prad which will be available in a couple of days.

Is the Viewsonic worth to pay 210 to 250 bucks (european prices) more than a Pixel Perfect Qnix?

During your tests of the Qnix have you had the opportunity to measure the actual wattage (min/max)?
PRAD has a few different reviewers who have different standards. The Dell deserves a Satisfactory rating IMO due to the cross-hatching, image retention & quality control issues MOST owners reporters. Same goes with the Fujitsu, it has cross-hatching issues and obvious ghosting which is completely unacceptable since none of the PLS 2560x1440 monitors do.

There are 3x links to Fujitsu P27T-LED Reviews in my post here:


You should also consider how a white monitor will look on your desk with the rest of your PC peripherals. I used to own a white Samsung F2380MX & I found the bezel to be quite distracting.

The Viewsonic is worth more than the Qnix if you want a real warranty, color controls, less ghosting (the Qnix is still really good), a proper stand (the Qnix needs to be taken apart to remove the stand) and the ability to connect to an external device like an Xbox 360 or PS3. The Eizo is usually fairly priced in Europe, but I don't know if it will work with a console with a DVI-HDMI adapter.

=DEAD= measured the Qnix's power consumption

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Originally Posted by Spartan F8 View Post

9. Some have said the power brick makes a whining noise when the panel is overclocked, i have mine 12 volt bypassed and connecting directly to my PC's PSU via molex
interesting, how did you connect it? (just cut off the old power bar connector?) Or did you solder it to the pcb directly.
Originally Posted by ForceD View Post

interesting, how did you connect it? (just cut off the old power bar connector?) Or did you solder it to the pcb directly.
Answered your PM.
Good thread,

after reading through the detailed answers and links (google translate), I think it comes down for me to a choice between a Perfect Pixel Qnix or a ViewSonic, probably the ViewSonic. But I need to think about it a bit more to reach a final decision in the coming days.

Thx, and sorry for highjacking the thread a bit but the opportunity to ask some questions seemed too tempting.
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