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QoS + Untangle

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I just recently got an Untangle box acting as a router up and running and now I want to take full advantage of its QoS features primarily for gaming and BitTorrent tasks. I searched the untangle wiki for some info on Qos (as I've never used it or had the option to use it before) and came up blank.

Any guides or advice people can point me to in setting up untangle (or QoS in a general sense) for gaming and Torrent traffic?

And 2 Untangle port forwarding specific questions:
1. Is it possible to, under a single forwarding rule, to have multiple specific ports? For example, 2000;5412;8888 or 2000, 5412, 8888 (vs creating a single rule for each port or doing a range of ports 2000-8888).

2. Under the protocol options in Untangle port forwarding, by selecting multiple options such as TCP and UDP, does the incoming traffic have to be both to be forwarded, or can it be either?

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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