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Q's about 8gbs ram and windows XP

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So I wanted to run 4gbs+ of ram, however I heard that windows Xp only supports 4gbs max. Should I pick up vista
, although I want to avoid using vista at all costs. How about windows xp 64 bit? Any good reviews on that?

Sorry if this thread is in the wrong location, didn't exactly see a software discussions thread except for the news.

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Avoid XP X64, I used it and it was a headache getting things to work right on it (drivers). Go for Vista X64.
Your not even fully using 4GB of memory on 32-bit XP. Vista with SP1 has greatly improved over the RTM version. I would suggest getting a 64-bit version of Vista before you buy more ram...

XP-64 has far less support then Vista-64 which is now becoming mainstain
alrighty, probably going to go pick up vista 64bit
Pick up Vista 64 bit for anything over 4 gigs of ram
regardless of what people say it is not bad. People just do not give vista a chance.Windows xp 64 bit is no longer supported by microsoft. Xp pro 64 bit is but only sp2 and newer but it will not be supported much longer
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In case anyone cares, I never had a problem with XP 64...

But Vista is so sexy

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Here is a brand new version of Ultimate retail box for CHEAP
I heard horror stories with vista, I'm scared, hold me
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If you haven't tried Vista and can do so without it costing an arm and a leg, give it a shot, you might like it.

Anyway, I've used Windows XP x64 and I haven't found any significant problems with it. Driver support is, and has been, pretty good for quite some time.
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