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Originally Posted by metalkobra

quad core...bleh =/ next itll be octa core 128bit...lol.

gigabit cpu's
1000 fps at 1mhz (remember this is not 1024 bit, then it would be a kilobit cpu, GIGABIT!!!)

and no loading times

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I think the hardware industry is way too far ahead of the software industry, i mean there are barely ANY 64-bit apps/games and 64-bit technology has been out for what, 2 years?

Same thing with dual-core's, the software company's really need to RAMP IT UP with supporting all this great hardware.

But most of all Micro:turd: needs a new friggin OS, we've been on XP since 2002 ffs! Give us some 64-Bit and Dual-Core support!

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I still think making it dual core and using the rest of the transistors as L2 cache is the way to go. Quad core is pushing it. This is going beyond the law of diminishing returns, at least for now.

A bit off topic, but anyone know why it's not possible to use the real estate of one of those cores to integrate a GPU core on there? I mean, if a GPU runs at the same clock speed as the whole CPU, wouldn't that make it multiple times faster than the current offerings? Not to mention having a large L2 for it and the ultra low latency since it's right next to the cpu and would also eliminate the need for a PCIe controller...
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