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Quad Core effect on Team results

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Ok.... i was just thinking about this. I've been seeing all these Q6600 G0 threads running amuck and it got me thinking:

*note that i am making up numbers but I don't think they are out of line)

The popular trend right now is for 90(ish)% of our users have a dual or quad core processor right now. Of them probably 80% are running new intel systems (C2D or C2Q). I doubt that more than 10% of those users are running Quad core systems. With the price drop on quad core processors we have to look at the team rules again. Not all users will upgrade to quad core systems, but i wouldn't be suprised if the number of quad core users increases from ~10% to ~30%. Since most users use SMP client that uses as many cores as possible, should we increase the max number of cores each team member is allowed to use to 4 or even 5? And i would assume that would increase the number of total cores for the team right?

Just a thought, and I know we have till August (or later) to really think on this, but it's worth bringing up.

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The Team Comp is about those who don't have the farms or Quad cores.
So I doubt this will go anywhere!
I would still say more than 10% of us use single-core (or even 32-bit) systems. As such, opening the competition to quad-core systems would leave predominantly single-core teams in a place where they can never hope to compete without rehabbing their setups.
Well we still have guys that have whole farms (like CD) who don't necessarily participate in the team competition. I would agree with Duke, though. The whole point of the folding teams is that anybody can fold if they want to, and you don't end up with some teams having huge wallets, and thus quad cores with CF and folding everything in the same competition with people folding 2 Athlon XPs on their work PCs.
i'm not saying we should change anything... i was just wondering if there would be any changes.
I dont think there will be many if any changes. The competition is so that we can keep up with the ''Bog boys'' such as Knitelife and his farm.
Too bad JRabb left... He had like 80 cores folding 24/7...

Originally Posted by pow3rtr1p
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Too bad JRabb left... He had like 80 cores folding 24/7...

Easily replaced by new and existing members. Especially members that can fold on there PS3/GPU also as they pump Out WU'S nice and fast
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Yes I will agree that C2Qs will increase in number but even with me I am on a team and they simply divide by 2... thats all... byut if and when the day comes that I'm allowed to contribute all four of my cores, then they simply take that away...
There are no plans to change the setup for the team competition. Quad cores running SMP are not eligible for the team competition. A well optimized quad running 24/7 SMP could currently score in the top 5 for the overall team. For example, if Knitelife pulled his top rig out of his farm, it would rank third on the team by itself.

Anyway, until such time that technology takes another couple of steps ahead, the 8 core per team/3 core per person limit will apply. It would be interesting to see how 3x consoles on a heavily OCed G0 quad would compare to SMP on a C2D.
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