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Quad core!!!!

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so iv been looking at some super pi scores and have seen alot of e8400 's in there but the thing is my q6600 @3.0ghz is no way neer 10 secs. i am trying to find out the main difference between a dual core and a quad core as evan i did not see a massive differance from a e4500 to my q6600 (well some but not wot i was expecting)
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Super-pi isn't optimized for multiple cores, so that's why a P4 @ 8.0ghz will beat any quad by a reasonable margin. You'll notice a big difference in 3dmark06 because it uses the cpu a lot.
Yeah you'll notice that all the scores around 10 seconds are at speeds of 4.7-5.0 and you won't get a Q6600 that high. The fastest you will get on your Q6600 is like 13-14 seconds. Look at the SuperPi scores in the benchmarking section and I think the highest is around 13 seconds and it's around 4.0Ghz.
Not the pentium 4 @ 8ghz I was looking for, but an e8600 @ 6.25ghz doesn't do too bad...

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An 8Ghz P4 really isn't all that great at SuperPi. It probably couldn't break 15 seconds.

The fastest SPuerPi Scores are with 6GHz+ Core 2 Duos.

Next fastest chips are i7s. I can get 10.2 seconds at 4GHz. Actually, a top i7 OC should probably be able to mach the C2D records.
it goes per core so if a 4 GHz dual test it will beat the 3 GHz quad even tho overall the quad is faster
Super pi is single threaded so core 2 duos usually win out in this more because they are easier to overclock to 4.0Ghz+.
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