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QuadraClicks - Reducing mouse related injuries with the RBT Rebel Real . 35% Off for OCN users.

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Hello all,

We are pleased to introduce QuadraClicks to the Overclock.net community. QuadraClicks' goal is to reduce instances of mouse related injuries that can be sustained from day to day use in professional environments, including but not limited to Architects, Engineers & CAD users. We as computer enthusiasts are all aware of the dreaded Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Tenosynovitis. For those of us who suffer from mouse use related conditions, QuadraClicks bring us their solution, the RBT Rebel Real 1.112

Who are QuadraClicks?

QuadraClicks was formed in 2016; the team graduated from Startup School (Ycombinator) class of 2018, and are based in Alta Loma, CA. Their patented technology (Right ‘Bove Touch) solves carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive mouse clicks. Right ‘Bove Touch has been helping architects, engineers, and disabled gamers that had suffered from sore wrist, numb fingers, and a number of problems related to mouse. RBT has been evaluated and is recommended by Dr. Maik Zannakis for Carpal Tunnel Prevention. Blender 3D is another nonprofit organization that has publicly endorsed this product.

What is behind the QuadraClicks RBT Rebel Real?

QuadraClicks RBT Rebel Real reduces mouse click trauma by enabling clicking from the major and second knuckles and eliminates “finger hovering”, which causes hydrostatic pressure. RBT improves mouse click experience by reducing curling of fingers, minimizing tendon excursion, tendon flexion, static finger elevation, and lumbrical contractions. Which results in the hand remaining in a natural position longer, and a lowered chance of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The traditional mouse was designed for people to use standing. Today we sit more than we stand, and mouse caused health problems like sore wrist, numb fingers, pins and needles are all signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. QuadraClicks' RBT design is the first to create a mouse for sitting. Their revolutionary design makes repetitive clicking stress free and significantly reduces your chances of developing CTS. In fact, it takes 50% less force for each mouse click with RBT, saving roughly 300 lbs of click force per day. Clicking from your knuckles quickly feels like second nature, and adapting to this new shape comes with improved precision on movement.

Introducing the RBT Rebel Real 1.112



Key Features:
  • Optimal Performance - RBT is designed with the perfect level of sensitivity and response, enabling optimal performance in every application, from engineering to architectural design and more.
  • Improved Comfort - Discomfort can cost your business in more ways than one. Give yourself and your staff what they need to maintain peak productivity while improving your overall employee satisfaction.
  • Reduced Risk of Injury - Reducing the risk of injury to yourself and your employees will not only save your productivity, but also your worker’s comp, turnover, and other workforce expenses.
  • Software Optional - RBT comes with embedded 6 DPI settings and works with Windows, Mac, and Linux with or without a software download. You can download the software for Windows through Trustpilot here. Software can be downloaded HERE.

Where To Buy & Claim 35% Off Purchase Price OCN Exclusive

You can purchase the QuadraClicks RBT Rebel Real 1.112 HERE

QuadraClicks as part of this promotion have given the Overclock.net community the chance to claim 35% off of the purchase price. When checking out, be sure to use Promo Code: OCN to claim 35% off purchase price.

Free domestic shipping within the USA!

Rebel's Word Guarantee & Warranty

We offer a 100 days money back guarantee for purchases made in this webstore. We're confident you will find our products worth every penny. If you decide it's not for you anytime within the first 3 months, no problem. Ship the unit back in its original box with your receipt, and when the unit arrives in our warehouse, we'll process your refund in 5~7 business days.

All RBT Rebel Real units purchased directly from this website have a 3 year warranty on parts. The RBT unit is built with such good quality, and as its design significantly reduces wear outs for both the human user and the unit itself, you should see this mouse under normal use have a life span between 3~5 years on average.

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