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My WONDERFUL parents got me a laptop for christmas
:D:D:D (lenovo w700)

It has the nvidia quadro 2700 in it. I had downloaded MSI afterburner and worked my way on overclocking. I set the core, shader, and memory clock to it's maximum setting to see if the card even was overclockable, and I expected it to crash. It didn't

I ran some tests, and the card is actually running and stable at max settings (690mhz core, 1725mhz shader, and 1040mhz memory)

I did a custom fan map, and the card runs at 54c with the occasional peak to 55c (Will pull the heat sink off when I get around to getting some more arctic silver and re-thermal pase it)

So now I have two questions: Are these kind of overclocks typical?

And two: Can I change the lower and upper boundaries of the slider bar on Afterburner to get a lower clock for a bit more battery life, and see if I can find the peak clock for gaming?

Right now, the possible setting are
Voltage: Locked
Core Clock: 396-690mhz
Shader Clock:990-1725mhz
Memory Clock:595-1040mhz
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