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Quake games

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Hey fellas,

I'd like to get back into Quake! Haven't played since Q1 and 2 days. What's the norm multiplayer version (equivalent of a CSS) now that everyone plays? Asking b/c I went onto Steam and there seems to be a gazillion of them.

Thanks much
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Q3 arena probably. The rest aren't too popular.
Most Quake MP players seem to play Quake Live now.
Quake is relatively dead in terms of pub, at least in aus. There is still Q3/QLive competition (checkout ESReality.com), but that very high level international competition.
Id say grab quake live (its a browser based version of Q3 Arena but designed for online play) and go from there.

Otherwise, everyone plays css/cs 1.6/cod4 if they are competitive.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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