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Hey, I'll eventually ask this on the QL forum but in the meantime I though maybe a few people here would be knowledgeble about this :

I've always played quake with very high fov (120/130), no mouse accel and very high sens (maybe <6 cm/360).
Just recently I decided I would try seriously to play with low fov (I think I'm using 95 right now), hated it so what I tried was to add a lot of mouse accel, that way I have to "divide" my game between situations where I just need to move around or I'm using weapons such as LG, and the ones where I'm trying to pull out a flick or to use plasma.

I can get used to config changes really quickly and this was no issue, and works quite well however I'm wondering a few things.
First off, it's a bit troublesome to use with physics such as PQL as I now have to move the mouse a lot to move effectively (otherwise the sens just stays very low),
and more generally I'd like some advice from advanced players as to what they think about this config, I've never really seen it used anywhere else and maybe there are some drawbacks I have yet to notice.
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