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So first off my name is Frostykyogre, I've beeing using my 800D system for over a year and a half, I managed to fund and build this when I was 16 (I literally work ALL summer). I always have wanted to go beyond just an integrated Water cooler but it takes a while to build up that kind of money. Slowly I have been snatching up water blocks and other miscellaneous items and now I am ready to take the plunge. *Sploosh*

Now one reason it has taken so long is that I don't want to just half-as it and actually get the parts I want. I plan to stick three Rads in the 800D so there will be some modding to do to take out the bottom drive cage. Here are a list of things to do: (this list will serve as the project goals list and when each item is completed, it will be crossed off)

1: Acquire, prep and leak test all water cooling gear. Update 2
2: Cut out bottom 240 rad mount. Update 4
3: Mount and test fit water cooling components. Update 6
4: Finalize water cooling layoutUpdate 8
5: Lighting, add LEDs?(<+v likely extended goals) Update 8
6: MDPC-X Individual sleeving?postponed
7: ROCK OUT and bench this beast!

So there's not a whole lot to do but I gotta work around school and other activities: seeing as this is my main rig i dont want to have it down for to long. I plan to get started right away, as I have everything (mostly), and maybe push and finish next weekend, or the weekend after at the latest.



Case: Corsair Obsidian 800D
CPU:Intel Core i7 2600K
Motherboard: ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z
RAM: 16GB of Corsair Dominator GT 2133MHz (4x4GB)
SSD: Corsair Force GT 120GB
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black 2Tb
PSU: OCZ 1250W Gold Fully Modular PSU
Optical Drive: LG Blu-ray Re-Write 12x
GPU: AMD XFX Radeon HD 6990
Cooler (current): Corsair H100

Water cooling stoof

Pump: Swiftech MCP655 Pump x2
Pump Mod: Bitspower D5 Mod Kit Blue Finish x2
Pump Top: Bitspower Dual D5 Top UV Blue
CPU Block: EK Supremacy Nickel Plexi
GPU Block:EK FC AMD 6990 Block Nickel Plexi
Mobo Block:EK FC ASUS MIVE Block Nickel Plexi
RAM Block:EK -RAM Dominator X4 CSQ Nickel Plexi
Radiators: 1x BlackIce GTX360
1x BlackIce GTX240
1x BlackIce GTX120

Coolant: Distilled and (probabally) Mayhems UV Blue
Reservoir: FrozenQ Liquid Fusion V Series 250mL
Tubing: XSPC High Flex Hose 1/2 ID 3/4 OD clear/ UV Blue
Fittings: Bistpower Black Sparkle 1/2 ID 3/4 OD, lots

Table of Contents

Skip to different parts of the build.

Update 1 - Hardware Pictures
Update 2 - Cleaning and Leak Testing
Update 3 - Fans, RAM(s) and Plans
Update 4 - Tear-down and Metalworkings!
Update 5 - Blocking and Case Prep
Update 6 -Building and Setbacks
Update 7 -Breath of Life
Update 8 -The End is Nigh
Update 9 -Ever Nearer (bonus)
Update 10 -Bit by Bit
Update 11 -Let There Be Light
Update 12 -99.9% D.O.N.E.!
Update 13 -Final Photos and OC
Well I think that's it! If you have any questions/comments/concerns/helpful advice you'd like to give, go ahead!


Final Pictures

Final pictures are at: https://plus.google....CKSEqNeJgKT6vgE]Google [/URL]
or in Update 13 -Final Photos and OC

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Update 1 - Pictures of Hardware
Lots of pictures. Enjoy!

So basically all my gear is in and ready to go, just got the last of it on Tuesday from Performance PCs, but then I got sick, so I'm starting this now.

Picked this stuff up today, one gallon is for testing/cleaning the other for the build
The tubing is 1/2 id to test and play around with but not for the final build.

Here are the Rads in ascending order of size (120, 240 and 360)
They have 20 FPI and measure 5.4 cm deep with conservatively sized tanks.

free stock fittings


Here is the FrozenQ Fusion V res

The pumps and pump mod stuff

Now for blocks

Heres the tubing

Testing a fitting

And under UV

Now all the fittings

That's about all for right now but I'll have something up here pretty soon

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Update 2 - Cleaning and Leak Testing

So I had some time to cleanse the radiators of any junk or dust from factory and being in the box.

Step 1- Get Distilled Water

Step 2- Get a Large Pot

Step 3- Fill Pot with Distilled

Step 4- Turn on High Heat

Step 5- Put Pot on Element

Step 6- Let it Come to a Boil

Step 7- Fill Radiators

Step 8- Let sit on Dry Towel to Test for Leaks

Step 9-When Cool Enough to Handle, Shake

Step 10- Drain Water and if not satisfactorily clean repeat Steps7-9

I also Rinsed and repeated this process for my 240mm and 120mm

All three clean and drying

I also filled my Reservoir to test for leaks overnight.

Untill Next time Cheers!

Haha, don't worry I observe the fact that I'm still under legal drinking age.

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^ Hope you get better
But awesome build so far loving it subbed

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Update 3 - Fans, RAM(s) and Plans

It's been a long and busy week, so sorry there were no updates.
I got home from school today and took some shots while the natural light was good, before going to work.

I forgot to mention the fans and new RAM I also have waiting.
I got the Fans and RAM a little while back from NCIX
(Two of the fans are already one the H100)

The Fans are Gelid Wing PL (PWM and LED [blue of course])

The RAM is Corsair Dominator GT 16Gb 2133Mhz (4x4Gb)

I also gort a BitFenix Alchemy 12 in. 24 pin extender to make the run not so tight and ugly.

The one I got had a taped rip in the bag, cheap plastic.

(mocking it up, that's already better!)

I tested and took a shot of the res (no leaks from over 5 days of holding water

And I broke a cable while pulling it out of the inverter...

Also, turns out my 24 pin cable has a loose pin

At this point I had to go to work but when I got home I fixed an old laptop that I've been meaning to for a while (sorry no pics) and the set to work on the broken cables.


And fixed.

I also mocked up this:

Now I know it is sloppy but it was 2 a.m. and I was lazy.
So I figure you get the picture. I'm thinking for the loop:
Resivoir->Pump->Bottom 240-v>GPU->120->Mobo->Top 360-v>CPU->RAM->behind and back to Resivoir.
_________________Drain Port w/ Ball Valve___________Fill Port
Now I could play with the chipset order but this is basically how I want it and with 3 fans intake 3 fans out-take, as close to positive pressure as possible.

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Very nice build and very good quality pictures. I am planning to water cool my 800D which I just acquired but my system is not quite as high end as yours is. Will definitely being following this build log.

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Update 4 - Tear-down and Metalworkings!

So I got some time today and I figured it was as good a time as any to start work on the case.
So she started like this:

Then the vid card came out.

and the H100.

Got the main-board out.

Tore out the cabling.

And put it all in a box, as a bench, I'm crazy like that.

Video of Test box: here
On the deck ready to start work.

Measured up the top rad for reference (don't want to mess up).

Took out the plastic rail.

There are the offending rivets to remove, six of them.(four visible two inside)

The front ones were drilled out.

Now the annoying ones that I don't have the patients to take the hot swap cage out to properly and drill out, so I had to get angry with it.

And got them out finally,, they are jammed in there and have a couple prongs in addition to the rivets.

I marked out the rad mount holes.

There nice and precise. The lower left one is on the junction of three holes but there is seven other screws.

So Plan A is to drill holes in the formation of the hex up top. I marked out a piece of press board, painstakingly for what seemed like an hour or more getting the grid just right and mounted it to the case with backing to keep the metal flush while I drill.

The press board was really getting chewed up and even pilot holes weren't helping, so I took it off to check it and...

It's pretty rough and wonky so...

Plan B is to cut out the area of the fan as I plan to get some mesh eventually (demciflex probably)
I got my dad to help with the dremel because he is a tradesman who is always working with powertools so I trust his hands not to slip, over mine (his wrist strength is literally super human).

Turned out pretty sweet and straight too, ate up at least threee cut disks tho.

Cut out the Drain port by the where the PSU mounts. and the fill port in the centre behind the 360.

Cleaned up with a diamond grit file and a black paint pen. Then vacuumed out and wiped off with a damp micro fibre rag.

Metal work is done (save a couple mount holes for res and pumps) Until next time Cheers.
(Gotta love root beer the extra is for CarnivalOfFear who came out and helped a bit (cameraman and entertainment mostly).

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Update 5 - Blocking and Case Prep

After school I brought one of my buds over to my house and CarnivalOfFear got his own ride over.
We stole the front room to use since there would be three of us and we just finished renovations so there is still tools littering it anyways.

After getting toghther the components, tools and a work surface tear down of the test box was started

Using an old card table I got ready to block. Isopropyl Alcohol, check; gloves, check; TP, check; q-tips,check.

Took the H100 out and off the CPU.

All components to get blocked: assembled, or should I say Disassembled? These lonely RAM sticks actually wont be graced by a block as i have replacements that are 2133 and not 2000 (1366 speed) and I am currently looking for a new home for them, let me know if you are interested.

My little Bro made us nachos so we took a quick break to surf and chat.

After washing up, it was time for the nitty-gritty, starting by cleaning the CPU.

Got the chipset block out and read the instructions, somewhat.

Just some pics of handling the mobo, for no reason.

Before shots.

Unscrewed the block and started prying off the light (wish it was blue, will have to swap the micro LEDs that are on a small board in the logo sometime).

CarnivalOfFear cleaning off the H100 as he'll be taking it off my hands once this is all set and done.



Mobo block with the light popped in.

Meticulously cleaning the VRM and chipset, some TIM was really baked on and i used a plastic pot squeegee that worked really well and I didn't have to apply much pressure.

Thermal pads applied to VRM.

Tried to see if I could use the heat spreaders from the back of the VRM, but they don't work. NBD tho as they weren't on any chip they were just for when the VRM got warm and now they should always be cool.

Aligning the holes on the block.

Cleaning off any marks from TIM on the gloves.

SHINY! And it looks sweet with fittings.

Other more different angles

The one capacitor thet touches b/c this block is for the P67 not the Z68 version but still works except this contact. might put some electrical tape on this before install.

Camera man got lazy and missed me voiding the cards heatsink warranty and taking off the cooler.

There's the squeegee at work, I have no idea what is being pointed at here tho.

Mostly clean.

More cleaning (I'm pretty anal, but the cleaner the better for temps, not i got annoyed by the gloves by this point so i just grounded out regularly.

Better. All those poor q-tips lost in the valiant battle against used TIM.

Thermal pads going on vRAM.

All padded and greased.

Back of block with standoffs installed


Block (and standoff wrench)

TIM (arctic MX-4)

Cameraman missed the block being applied but here's the table, the mess is building. (and yes that's pizza that I'm stuffing in my face, yes it is already supper time, I'm just taking my time on blocking so i don't screw up).

The case area, also a little messy

Blocks on.


Plugs and extension for clearance on. What isn't shown here is the process of removing the block and checking for good adhesion then putting it back on.

CPU backplate.

The socket with standoffs.

Ooooo this needs no lapping, it's perfect, that's why it was protected.


With fittings.

New quad stck 16Gb RAM in, those heat spreaders wont be on for long

Block seated (used MX-4 cause thats all i have, a bit much for ram.)

Mounted and fittings on, the main board is done

Got the pump parts laid out.

Took note of the wireing before removing the pins

Put the wires through and got it mounted to the pump top, the brackets were quickly cut down for the dual pump top and painted on the cut.

Shots from the front.

Going to the case finally.

Drilled holes in mid plate and mounted the brackets.

Mounted the res after some measuring and drilling.

The res in detail.

And that was it for the night, a job well done on a Monday.
The mid plate does sag a bit but I plan to whip someting up and maybe in the future design a bracket and get it cut (Dwood?).
The components should be mounted soon and get the tubing run.

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Update 6 -Building and Setbacks

So I got the case and components situated out in another room.

I installed the drain which the filter just passes.

Here's a pic of a rad waiting for fans.

Put in the fill port and still used a T for the turn.

Turns out there really is no space for tubing, well time to get the pumps out and put a hole in.

I marked the size with a fitting then sniped out the mesh and used a tube cut lengthwise for ghetto c-channel, this won't be seen so it doesn't really matter.

Trying out some fitting combos fort he other side of the rad, need a T here for the drain, this might work, but I don't like the bends.

The drain on the other hand looks great.

Got the 360 in, but not the way I want it (fans are on top grr), because it only comes with the long screws and I don't have any M4s to cut down.

Plus the 360's screws were silver unlike the others.

The mess of working and encountering problems.

I mocked up the mobo to figure out any other runs and fittings I may yet require.

Due to being unable to finish I packed it all up neatly and called it a day.

So unfortunately there will be a lull in the build for a bit and the rig will be down longer than intended.
I have to order some 90's, a 45 for the fill, move the res a little lower and get some black short M4 screws (might be able to get some mayhem dye too)
Hopefully I will get these asap.

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Update 7 -Breath of Life

My build has been so neglected that it seems like I've died, and I may as well have. I have been so busy between going away on spring break, working and going to school that I've hardly looked at my rig. But I did not forget it and all this time I have been waiting on Bitspower Black Sparkle 90s which have been out of stock. This Tuesday I was able to order them and some other goodies which arrived today.
Here's a list of parts:
2 x Bitspower Dual LED - Pre-wired with 4-Pin Connector - 5mm - Blue (BP-2LED-BL)
Cable No changes (stock, unsleeved)
Sleeve Color Black
Heatshrink Color Black $9.98
3 x Mod/Smart Dual LED - Pre-wired with 4-Pin Connector - 3mm - Blue (LED-3D2-B)
Cable No changes (stock, unsleeved)
Sleeve Color Black
Heatshrink Color Black $9.00
4 x Bitspower G1/4" Black Sparkle Low-Profile Stop Fitting (BP-BSWP-C09) $13.96
1 x *** NEW *** Mayhems Dye - 15ml Blue (MD-DYE-B-15) $8.95
1 x DEMCiflex Magnetic Fan Dust Filter - Custom Filter for Dual 120mm Radiators or Fans (DEMCIFILTER-DUAL-120) $22.95
1 x *** NEW *** Gelid PWM 1-to-4 Splitter (CA-PWM-03) $6.99
6 x Bitspower G 1/4" Black Sparkle Rotary 90 Degree IG 1/4" Adapter (BP-BS90R) $65.70
1 x Bitspower Plastic Fan Adapter 120mm to 140mm - Black (BP-FA140120-BK) $4.99
1 x Bitspower G 1/4" Black Sparkle 45 Degree IG 1/4" Adapter (BP-BSWP-C30) $6.99
6 x Button Head Cap Screw M4 x .7 x 10mm - Black Steel - Set of 4 (BUTTON-M4-10-BK) $10.74
1 x Bitspower Dual IG1/4" Black Sparkle Rotary Mini Snake-Style Adapter (BP-BSMSR) $13.95
1 x Bitspower G 1/4" Silver Shiny 90 Degree IG 1/4" Adapter (BP-WTP-C39) $6.99
2 x Phobya LED-Flexlight HighDensity 30cm RGB (18x SMD LEDs) (PH-83127)
Sleeve Color Black
Heatshrink Color Black $23.98
1 x Phobya LED-Flexlight HighDensity 60cm RGB (36x SMD LEDs) (PH-83134)
Sleeve Color Black
Heatshrink Color Black $20.99
1 x Phobya LED-Flexlight RGB Controller With IR-Remote (PH-83156) $18.95

Sub-Total: $245.11
FedEx (International Economy): $51.75
Discount Coupons: OCN55 : -$13.48
Shipping Insurance declined: $0.00
Total: $283.38

And now time for pics.

There's all the bits

Here's the gelid 4 way splitter I'm going to use for the 360 and 120 to free up some mobo fan headers

This is the fan filter for the bottom 240, which will need some modifying

I went with phobya RGB leds that have a remote, these will be sweet when thy are on and stealthy when off.

So i can have a matching fan on the HDD cage (which may need it) i got this adapter.

Some mayhems blue to match.

Here are the dense RGB LEDs this is the 60cm one but besides length they are all the same.

A few 3mm and a couple 5mm leds (blue) for blocks, ect.

The all important fittings.

And some small M4s for the rads where I need them.

So hopefully I'll have time to finish this off soon, but that's all for now as tomorrow I'm going to fan expo as engie from TF2.
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