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First of all, I've been looking on this concept for the past few days, since I was wondering if I could use a TEC to cool my 6600k (TDP = 91W) that I am planning to use on my new build. Here are my concerns:

1. Is it even viable for a PC that is going to be used daily for over 8h/day?
2. I've got a 230W TEC, and paired with the CPU's heat output that's 321W of heat to dissipate. Is there anything else apart from a custom loop that can handle all that heat?
3. For insulating the M/B I was thinking of combining the following methods:
I was thinking of applying plastic coating on the M/B, then use that artistic eraser around the CPU socket and behind the CPU socket, and use insulating foam on the backplate and around the CPU. Would all these be enough to prevent damage from condensation to both the M/B and the socket's pins?

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well, I have been water cooling my PC's for 20 years now, and to be honest, I have not found anything other than a custom water loop, a 800W water chiller, or a phase change unit. these are the only things IMO, that would be capable of dissipating the kind of heat produced by a TEC's hot side in a direct die setup. I have seen several tries at using air cooling for the TEC's hot side, and the only setup that I have seen that actually worked, was OCaddict's water chiller build, but this is still a custom water loop. in his build the custom water loop is attached to the cold side of the TEC's, and CPU air coolers are attached to the hot side of the TEC's.
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