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question about crossfire

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do you have to plug in the power connectors for the second card. i notice that when i disconnect them and as long as the bridge is connected, the card is running. i hear it's fan. is that supposed to be. i am doing a crossfire between 4880 and 4870. i just assumed you had to plug in power connectors to both cards, which means 2 6 pin for each. can somebody clarify this for me.
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Yes, you need to plug in the power connectors for both cards.
Does CCC see the other card? You absolutely have to power both cards.
that's what i thought and what i did originally. but when i disconnected the power plugs from the 4870, it was still running. in all the tools (CCC, GPU-Z), it shows both cards.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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