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Question about DDR2 In General.

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Ok so I've seen alot of people using DDR2 800Mhz speed..But DDR2 also comes in way higher speeds like 1000, 1066 ect. So other then price, why dont people buy the faster ones..seems like 800Mhz is the most popular. Also How do you know what Memory speeds your mobo can hold?

Because I could get something Like this:

Instead of:

Or Probably Even 900Mhz..
Just wondering about this since I dont really know...

My Mobo Is: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16813188009

What does this Mean: DDR2 Standard- DDR2 800
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Why don't people buy the faster modules?

Because they're more expensive. That's the sole reason.
Speeds don't really matter. It's the chips in the ram that matters.

You can overclock this to DDR2-100 without a problem.

People are paying big money for big mhz. It's all in the chips.

Example: D9GMH is good, Promos are bad.
So then its like the chip can do more but they dont want to risk the warentee(the company) so they restrict it?
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