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question about direct x 9 and 10 in world in conflict

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I know world in conflict runs in both direct x 9 and 10. Is there a setting that you choose to make the game run in either? i looked in the options menu and do not see a choice for that. I have two gtx 295's in quad sli so i can definatley run it in dirextx 10.

Im know this question is dumb, but it was bothering me so figured id ask. thanks guys..
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It should be running automatically at DX10 as you have Vista.
ok thanks...but what if i didn't have a direct x 10 video card? the reason why i ask is i was looking at videos on youtube of people comparing two versions of the game...direct 9 and 10 versions side by side...and i was curious to look myself and didn't see any option for me to choose..
Do you have the game installed?

the run it, go to options and then to video or graphics...

In that section, there should be an option to set it on DX9 or DX10
In the advanced video settings there's a enable dx10 rendering option.
you can't have it either. it's like coffee. you can't have a cup of coffee both with and without sugar, can you?

if you have DX10 and a DX10 card it will use DX10 like most DX10 capable games. if nott go into settings and tell it to use DX9
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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