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Originally Posted by kremtok;12983491
My GTS 450 picked up a few 6805 yesterday. They're good for about an extra thousand PPD, but they don't seem to appear as often as 6806. It's no big deal though; just keep folding and it will all work out!
what kind PPD is your 450 getting I just got a dedicated folding rig up and running about a week ago E5700 and GTS 450. I am seeing about 9100 PPD on the 6806 WU's at 1874 shaders. I am still amazed at how cool this GPU runs.....I guess thats because I am used to my 480 on my sig, it heats my water up QUICK, even with a 240 and 360 rad.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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