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Question about GSATA ports...

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I currently have all my hard drives and cd burner on my sata ports, I was just looking at my case to see what else I can truely do to get even better cable management, and I see these two gsata ports that are vertically mounter.

I am trying to figure out if I can use the ports, or if its some special hard drive only.

Also, my motherboard has 6 regular sata ports, I am using sata0, sata1, and sata3 ports, but I was wondering if they have to be in order like that. Or if I could use sata1, sata3, and sata5.

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The order does not matter and you should be fine with any of the ports.
The other ports are for raid. The HDD's and DVD drive need be in no particular order, but if you're picky like me, then HDD has to be 1, DVD must be 2.
Wow, so If I really wanted a raid setup, I wouldn't have to buy a card? Thats cool.

Also, what would happen if I plugged in my non raid setup drives in those ports?
You should still be able to run them...

I've got two in RAID, one as JBOD, and two SATA optical drives. I don't have them in any particular order, and haven't had any problems yet *knock on wood*

I wouldn't use the "GSATA" for anything other than a RAID setup even if you can because it just doesn't make sense to. Port order for the yellow ones doesn't matter at all. I try to usually do something logical like HDD than optical drives, or HDDs starting from 0 and Opticals from 5 (#6).
Actually when I rebuilt my with my new ud3p, it took me a bit of searching to work out that the gsata ports are just two ports running on gigabytes sata controller, which actually has less raid capability than the yellow ones running on the intel chip. I just use them for esata now.
They're not special in any way.
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